Text post shift [details] to post a shift to your work group.

For example, post shift 7-close Tuesday. The request goes to all your coworkers at once; the first to text "claim" picks up your shift.

If you work multiple jobs, you can pick which group you want to post the shift to.


Text claim to claim a posted shift or see what open shifts are available.

When a shift request appears, simply text claim to grab it (or ignore it if you're busy). It's that easy. Once you claim a shift, there's a manager approval option.


Text add [name] [phone number] to add a coworker to your group

OK Shift sends shift requests to all your coworkers at once, so make sure they're added to your group before you start posting shifts. Example: Add Martha (555) 555-5555.

If you want to add a manager (who can approve shift requests), text Add manager [name] [phone number] instead.


Text new group [name] to create a new work group.

If you're the first person in your group to sign up for OK Shift, create a new group to start posting shifts. For example, new group Acme Construction Co.


Text directory to see who you work with.

OK Shift provides a list of your coworkers from any group you're in, along with their contact info.


Text ? for help.

Text ? at any time to see a list of OK Shift's commands. And if you have any questions or want to say hey, text support [your question] and we'll get back to you directly.